” In the search for the balance between the environment and our productive activity, we are committed to renewable energies. “
Commitment to clean energy

Promoting sustainability in all its aspects is one of the key goals in our corporate policy. The close relationship that, as an agrarian society, we maintain with nature has led us to seek alternatives with less environmental impact in all aspects related to our activity while contributing to sustainable development in the economic and social field.

With the first installation of solar panels in 2008, we became pioneers in the sector of the generation of decentralized photovoltaic solar energy and we flaunt during the following years the record for having the largest network of solar panels for self-consumption of the national territory.

The initial 3,700 photovoltaic panels located in our facilities in Alcarràs, have allowed us to supply us with clean energy for the realization of many of the processes in the headquarters during the latest years, in addition to saving more than 350,000 kg / year of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere.


With the latest enlargements of the installation, we currently have more than 5,000 solar panels having allocated the entire optimal surface on roof of the plant for maximum performance.

Capacity numbers have reached 1,600,000Wp and the transition to clean energy has allowed us to currently save more than 600 ton/year in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

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