” We contribute value to our final product with innovation in all productive processes “
Innovation in the field

We use last generation technology to control irrigation systems and to know the climatic conditions of our fields through meteorological stations and everything to expand the sustainable margin of our company and optimize the consumption of natural resources.

In areas with climatic adversity we have opted for the installation of anti stone networks to protect crops and ensure the final quality of our products.

We are committed to obtaining new varieties by establishing study and commercialization agreements with international programs. The breeders provide the material from their country of origin to be evaluated in our area. Once the test period has finished, we select those varieties considered of interest to start a plantation process for subsequent commercialization.

To protect the new plantations and to advance the harvest of a product such as cherry we have opted for the installation of greenhouse in the field. The microclimate obtained inside this space guarantees a product of excellent quality and optimum characteristics.

Innovation in facilities

We have complete calibrators, graders and linear machines for the processing and packaging of our products offering maximum food hygiene and sanitary guarantees thanks to the application of traceability and technical supervision systems.

For products that are sensitive to handling such as cherries, we use patented technology systems that allow us to detect both external and internal quality of fruits by detecting variables such as color, caliber and Brix grades among others.

Opting for the cutting-edge technology allows us to minimize the negative effects of handling on the packaging and guarantee a uniform and high quality product.

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