” In the search for balance between the environment and our productive activity, we bet on renewable energies. “
Commitment to clean energy

Promoting sustainability in all its aspects is one of the key objectives in our corporate policy. The close relationship that, as an agricultural society, we maintain with nature has driven us to look for alternatives with less environmental impact in all aspects related to our activity while contributing to sustainable development in the economic and social sphere.

With the first installation of solar panels in 2008, we became pioneers in the sector of decentralized solar photovoltaic energy generation and in the coming years we will have the memory of having the largest network of solar panels for self-consumption of the national territory.

The initial 3,700 photovoltaic panels located at our facilities in Alcarràs have allowed us to supply clean energy to carry out many of the processes at the plant during the first years of our adventure towards “green energy”. The first figures placed the savings in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere at more than 350 tons per year.

With the latest expansions of the solar panel network carried out, we have allocated the entire optimum surface area of ​​all the roofs of the enclosure and we have built a photovoltaic park to obtain the maximum performance of the facilities and the surroundings and expand the range of electricity self-supply.

In terms of capacity, 3,400 MWh have been reached and the transition to clean energy places us at a current saving of more than 1,200 tons/year in CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, thus reducing the impact on the environment.

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