Code of conduct
Code of conduct

Given that ethics is an essential value in the development of our work, S.A.T. FRUITA D’ALCARRÀS Nº1268 has a Code of Conduct that describes a set of obligations in relation to our conduct, establishing the values and references from which it must be based, with respect for laws and regulations being fundamental valid in each field of work and at each moment of its development.

Complaints Channel

The Complaints Channel is a communication system that seeks to facilitate workers, customers, suppliers, etc. can report, confidentially and through a simple form, those activities and irregular conduct that may constitute a breach of the Code of Conduct. All complaints will be received and analyzed in a diligent, rigorous and confidential manner and a protocol defined in detail and based on best practices will be applied to all of them, with the aim of giving them an orderly response and treatment.

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